Tokyo-Based Chiyoda Integre Chooses Columbus Region for First U.S. Manufacturing Facility



Columbus, Ohio – Chiyoda Integre Co., Ltd., a Tokyo-based global parts supplier for industries ranging from automotive to telecommunications, has announced plans to establish its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Lancaster, Ohio, investing $1 million and creating 15 new jobs over the next three years. Hiring for production associates will begin in July 2021.



Chiyoda Integre will open a 50,000 square foot facility at 619 Mill Park Dr., Lancaster, Ohio focused on manufacturing automotive parts including cushions, double-sided tapes, interior materials and insulator films. This expansion will give the company greater proximity to its North American customer base as it continues to grow its global network. Chiyoda Integre’s investment will be used for leasehold improvements as well as the purchase of machinery and equipment.

千代田インテグレは、オハイオ州ランカスターの619 Mill Park Dr.に、クッション、両面テープ、内装材、絶縁フィルムなどの自動車部品の製造に焦点を当てた50,000平方フィートの施設を開設します。この投資により、同社は北米の顧客ベースにより近接し、グローバルネットワークを拡大していきます。 千代田インテグレの投資は、リース資産(工場)の改良と機械設備の購入に使用されます。


“We chose the Columbus Region for our first U.S. manufacturing facility to more efficiently and effectively serve our growing American customer base,” said Chiyoda Integre of America President Yasuhiro Fujishiro. “With the Region’s strategic location in the population center of the country and a strong workforce at the ready, we are well-positioned to achieve our company goals.”

「拡大する米国の顧客ベースにより効率的かつ効果的にサービスを提供するため、米国初の製造拠点としてコロンバス地域を選択しました」と、千代田インテグレオブアメリカの藤城靖大社長は述べています。 「コロンバス地域は米国人口の中心に位置する戦略的な場所であり、豊富な労働力を備えているため、当社の目標を達成するのに十分な体制が整っています」


Founded in 1955 as a felt cloth processing manufacturer, Chiyoda Integre is a global supplier of structural and functional parts for products in industries including office and factory automation, audio and visual, telecommunications and information, as well as automobile equipment. In addition to its 11 locations in Japan, the company operates 30 locations overseas.



“Our industrial base in Lancaster continues to grow as we welcome Chiyoda Integre to our community,” said City of Lancaster Mayor David Scheffler. “Two-thirds of vehicles made in North America are produced within a day’s drive of the Columbus Region, giving the company a significant logistical advantage in reaching this key market.”


The Columbus Region represents the future of new manufacturing. Alongside traditional industry giants, the next generation of visionary leaders is emerging with new goods for the modern consumer. The Region is home to over 1,700 manufacturing establishments with nearly 90,000 employees, resulting in more than $15 billion in annual economic output. Lancaster is in Fairfield County, which is home to an estimated 157,574 residents.



“Ohio’s position in the heart of the automotive industry and our top tier workforce continues to strengthen with investments from major global players like Chiyoda Integre,” said JobsOhio President and CEO J.P. Nauseef. “We and our partners welcome Chiyoda Integre’s decision to choose Ohio for its first U.S. manufacturing facility, which will lay the groundwork for the company’s future growth in the North American market.”

JobsOhioのCEOであるJ.P.Nauseefは、次のように述べています。 「私たちと私たちのパートナーは、米国初の製造拠点としてオハイオ州を選択した千代田インテグレを歓迎します。千代田インテグレは、北米市場での将来の成長の基礎を築くことになるでしょう」

About Chiyoda Integre
Founded in 1955 as a felt cloth processing manufacturer, Chiyoda Integre is a global supplier of structural and functional parts for products in industries including office and factory automation; audio and visual; telecommunications and information; and automobile equipment. The company’s core technology, SOFT PRESS, precisely process soft materials such as plastic film, polyurethane foam and double-sided adhesive tape. In addition to its 11 locations in Japan, Chiyoda Integre operates 30 locations overseas. To learn more, visit www.chiyoda-i.co.jp/en/.

1955年にフェルト加工メーカーとして設立された千代田インテグレは、OA機器、AV機器、通信・情報機器、自動車機器などの製品の構造部品や機能部品のグローバルサプライヤーです。同社のコア技術である「ソフトプレス(SOFT PRESS)は、プラスチックフィルム、ポリウレタンフォーム、両面粘着テープなど軟質素材を精密に加工する技術です。 千代田インテグレは、国内11拠点に加え、海外にも30拠点を展開しています。詳細は、www.chiyoda-i.co.jp をご覧ください。
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JobsOhioは、企業/事業の誘致、維持、拡大を通じてオハイオ州での雇用創出と新規投資を推進することを目的とした民間の非営利経済開発機関です。対象となる業界に人材を輩出し、Find Your Ohioを通じてオハイオ州への人材誘致にも取り組んでいます。 JobsOhioは、オハイオ州の次の6つの地域パートナーと協力しています。

DaytonDevelopmentCoalition、Ohio Southeast、One Columbus、REDI Cincinnati、Regional Growth Partnership、TeamNEO

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